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Lao Rafting



The price for adults starts from € 20,00

The price for children starts from € 17,00

The excursion crosses a stroke of the Lao river , which is simple enough , it starts from the S.Primo locality near the old railroads of Calabro Lucane. In the first phase ,the journey , is characterized by small and rapid curves , in the second phase there are some jumps, or else artificial weirs , make the journey particularly funny.
The departure :FCL San Primo station – Laino Borgo (296 m)
Arrival: Piè lo Borgo locality-Laino Borgo (252m)
Lenght: 4 km
Travel time : about 1 hour
The excursion is suitable for everybody


The price for adults starts from € 100,00

The adventure is indicated for whom loves the nature and for whom wish live this one , feeling like a part of it.
It consents an unique adventure , about 26 km , immersed in the nature in contact with the water and the our spectacular landscape. After covering the first phase ,called “Canyon Rafting”, about 14 km, ,you will continue with other breathtaking 12 km, which will lead you near the little inhabited center of Papasidero . It is foresaw an unique halt for the lunch … on the river’s shore , with our typical products !!! The return and the lunch is managed by our unexceptionable logistics… and it is all included in the cost !!! If you want to live this adventure , let’s arm yourself with a lot of adventure’s desire and with excellent appetite.
We will start the journey from the our basis at 9.00 a.m
Departure: Piè lo Borgo (252 mt.s.l.m)
Arrival: Papasidero locality (142 mt. s.l.m)
Length : 26 Km
Travel time : 6/7 hours
Difficulty : average ( it is suitable for everybody)

Canyon Rafting

The price for adults starts from € 55,00

The exploration of the Lao’s Gorges is very fascinating and it starts from the foot of the inhabited Laino Borgo center . After 2 Km of navigation , you will arrive to the gorge’s entrance ,which will be entirely explored for 12 Km.
You can admire an unique sight of very talk cliffs , which form a very big Canyon, there are also springs ,which pour in the river and create wonderful waterfalls , among which the biggest is the Malomo waterfall. Along the natural journey of the river, in some points it is not possible to let pass the rafts and therefore there are some transfers.
The scenery vary in the last kilometers : the cliffs lower , the beaches and the vegetation are thicker , which will accompany us up to the landing.
Departure : Piè lo Borgo (252 mt s.l.m)
Arrival : Campicello locality
Lenght: 14 Km
Travel Time : 3 hours
Difficulty : average ( it is suitable for everybody)

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